Monday, 27 October 2008

Dirty Girls Fart in Face

After reading the latest research that suggests playing nintendo wii games such as wii fit is considered to be sufficient exercise without having to go outside and get dirty we decided to probe further.

Wii fit is the answer for maintaining at least some sort of exercise regime during the dark winter months. Why go outside in the cold and wet only to return filthy and dirty when you can stand in front of your high definition TV and play wii sports, work up a sweat on the wii guitar hero 3 or complete a sequence of simple mundane things whilst barely moving with this incredible yet funny wii fit game.

On the back of wii fit and the news that farting can lower blood pressure we are anticipating a pre christmas rush for the latest wii games including wii fart and wii wee

Well if farting lowers blood pressure the dirty girls farting in this video should take it easy otherwise they'll be out cold as a result of hypotension or low blood pressure

The efforts these dirty girls put into their farts is impressive - we only hope that the strains don't stain.