Friday, 27 March 2009

Lingerie Free - No Knickers? - How to Hide Your Gusset

Here is a video about how to preserve your modesty if you choose not to wear knickers. Those who go out with no knickers on leave themselves wide open for the dirty papz to glimps a flash of the gash - and snp the snatch.

In the following video no knickers aren't actually the target rather concealing a ladies lingerie garments whilst slipping out of a car seat - a tricky manoeuvre at the best of times but made considerably more difficult when wearing eleaborate lingerie and underwear. Thin thongs of flowing frnech knickers all throw up their own lingerie challenge.

What we find most amusing about this no knickers video is the setting - the back passage to an bleak industrial workshop or factory - hardly the romantic dinner date you'd expect from the stylish evening dress and luxurious lingerie being modelled.

Next in the Lingerie video series will be "why lingerie" a question half answered by those who wear no knickers.